Doing ADs already

When the manufacturer of a plane or kit plane finds flaws they issue an AD, which is an airworthiness directive. It means you have to fix it. Since we acquired a mostly completed tailcone that had been built a while back, there was an outstanding AD on the tailcone. I just bought it and already had to drill out several rivets. It's a bit of an unsettling thought because we didn't have much practice drilling out rivets and secondly, who wants to drill holes in a nicely completed and primed tailcone?

We got most of the rivets drilled out. We took turns drilling and then near the end we streamlined it by me drilling and Brandi using a punch to pry the heads off and then hammer the shop end of the rivet through. It made me really happy to see us slip into teamwork on the project already and so effortlessly. The fun part is going to be watching Brandi crawl into the tailcone to drill out those hard to reach rivets. Pictures to follow :)


Edit: I crawled in there so the joke is on me :(  haha

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