Visit from a great guy

When I first dreamed up the idea of building a kit plane, I scoured the internet for information because I didn't know anything about it at all. I read for 3 days straight and, instead of getting the information I was seeking, it just prompted about 3x more questions! I found the good book of the RV builder white pages and looked for someone who lived in our city of Marietta, GA. If found a listing for Jim 'Nomad' Lawerence and gave him a call. I never would have guessed that I would have been able to pull a name off of this list randomly and get the most amazingly friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced person. I sure did though. Jim answered my barrage of questions and was instrumental for me taking the next few steps to get the seedling of an idea into a little sprout. I had to call Jim a month or so later and ask him some more things. Then I called him again and probably a couple more times after that. :) Jim has been one of the biggest aides to our project and Brandi and I are deeply grateful.

We finally got to meet Jim in person when he agreed to come check out our progress. What a great guy. We enjoyed his visit and he gave us good feedback and a good morale boost to the project. He noticed an RV-10 picture we had hung on the wall, of which we really like the paint scheme and the look in general - we had no idea whose plane it was or where the builder was located. Jim says, "Hey, I know that plane!" Turns out its owner lives a few towns over! What a small world.

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