Top Skins

Ohh, shinny! We've got the top of the wing fastened on and we're getting one billion clecos in. We had this huge Folgers coffee container full of clecos and I thought we were going to run out. There were only 15 left when we were done with the whole inboard and outboard wing skin. =O What a hand work out too! You have to put them all in, drill all the holes, move the clecos over one hole so you can then drill those holes and then take them all out. Whew! Now we get to deburr everything since we've got the counter sinking out of the way for the 30 or so holes on the inboard wing skin that need it.

In hindsight, we shouldn't have pulled all of the protective vinyl off the skin. We decided to keep it on for the other wing, as it reduces the amount of scratches while dimpling and deburring.

Section 16 - Top wing skin is clecoed in place to prepare for match drilling and dimpling
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