Mark's RV10 visit

Our new pal Jim introduced us to Mark, who has a beautiful -10 up in Cherokee county. We drove up on a nice day and visited and per our usual tradition, asked a million questions :) Mark was a great source of information and a super awesome guy! He took us up for a ride and I got a little time on the stick even! Boy that sure does look good in my log book. Thanks Mark!

While we were at the air field, we met another 10 owner that was over a few hangars. His name is Mike and his plane is flying but not painted yet and he was working on fixing some interference noise from his Duckworth lights. Gave us some good insight to make sure we have our noisy stuff well grounded. Mike was nice enough to let us pester him while he was busy. We also met Todd, who was a cool guy that was friendly and knowledgable. We sure do love aviation people. Cant find a better group.

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