While we were waiting on the pop rivets to arrive so we could finish the right aileron, we started on the flaps. These are pretty similar to working with the ailerons as far as both having the nose skins over ribs and trailing edges to work with. I had Monday off for Presidents day and I spent 6 hours in the shop getting a lot done. It was very satisfying to get so far along on the flaps in just one day. I built all the hinge brackets, deburred everything and got the spar, ribs, and skins clecoed together and match drilled with Brandi's help. The plans say to fabricate 6 of the wooden cradles for the flaps - we didn’t do that. Instead we only made 3. We managed to use one cradle for the ailerons and so far we're doing fine with one cradle for the flaps too. You can get it pretty far along and then take it out the cradle and put the other flap in. Saves a little time not having to make as many cradles.

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