Where to fly the wings to?

We will be done with the wings after tonight's final touches! The bottom skins and wing tips were finished up last night. How exciting! We are deferring wing tip lighting (nav and strobe) until some later time. This will give us the opportunity to see what new advances are made on LED light availability and cost. Brandi will likely do some do it yourself LED lighting solution. What a gal.

There has been some discussion between Brandi and I as to where to store the wings. We want to get them out of the shop in order to give us some space since its pretty cramped in there. Options include:

  1. The Shed out back. Pros: easy. Cons: concern that if a tree fell on the shed and smashed everything.
  2. In the living room. Pros: peace of mind that the wings are safe. Cons: wings would be in the house for 1.5 years.
  3. In a friends hangar nearby. Pros: reasonably safe and not in our way. Cons: must transport wings and somewhat inconvenience friends.
  4. Brandi's dad offered his garage. Pros and Cons same as above.

Thinking 'out loud' here - at some point I think we have to test fit the wings to level them out. Not sure what stage that occurs at and I should probably research it. If this is true then having the wings around the house for this event would add more weight to option 1 and 2.

Choices, choices. Welcome to the world of building a plane. This is probably item number 1,000 out of 10,000 things to figure out or decide on :)

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