Control System

The control system has been started along with several other things that are started but not yet finished. I'm finding that we're jumping all around in the sections instead of going through them linearly. This is due to waiting on either parts or waiting to do something until its painted. The control system installation went smoothly except the little holes where the control sticks poke through. Those require a lot of material to be removed so the control stick doesnt rub on it. I didnt really have the proper tools to do that effectively so after hours of grinding and sanding it was looking bleak. My good friend Keith let me borrow this little 90 degree drill that has a set of grinder attachments that seem to do a much better job than anything I was trying. Whew! Still more to grind away but at least its a downhill battle at this point.

I played airplane for a minute when I had the control sticks hooked up. It was neat to move them all around. A small glimpse at the joy it will be at completion.

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