Finishing Kit arrived!

The Finishing Kit arrived today. Any day where a new kit arrives is an exciting time. I cracked the crate open and snagged the packing list and construction manual out of it. I decided to wait until Brandi got home to do anything further because she is the inventory master. It was like peaking at an xmas gift but not being able to play with it. Once she got home she tore into it and stayed busy putting things in their place and checking off each item. I did the best thing I could, which was to stay out of the way of an expert at work haha. I worked on adding an access panel to the baggage floor that is located above the steps. This is a mod that some builders recommend due to a step sometimes becoming wobbly over time or ever needing to come off.

It was neat seeing the parts that came out of the finishing kit and was impressive how much they packed in there. It was very motivating to see things like seats, tires, and doors because they came out of the box as immediately tangible items instead of a big stack of aluminum. There is still so much work to go and I know this but it’s so easy to think we are getting close to completion just by simply opening the finishing kit. In reality I believe they say that the finishing kit is the 90% done 90% to go mark.

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