Closing the door on another section

Baggage door complete! This was a fun section. It was challenging to get the hinges on such that it was perfectly centered when closed. The instructions tell you to lift up on it to minimize the sag, which we did, but it is still like the tiniest bit lower than we would have liked. It seems that a lot of people struggle to get the door perfect and usually settle on almost perfect.

The only other gotcha we had for this one was when I installed the lock, the locking arm didnt seem to go very far into the door frame. Only the very tip was catching, which didnt seem very secure at all. I made a post to VAF and in no time someone suggested I look for an arm that came with the fuse kit rather than the arm that came with the ignition+baggage door lock that I ordered through spruce. Bingo! Gotta love VAF.

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