One step closer to finished

Man I come up with some cheesy post titles haha. I know you love it as much as I do though.

The steps were installed quite some time ago and they were pretty easy. There is a lot of talk in the community about the step eventually becoming slightly loose and getting a little wobbly. I saw this in action with my friend Mark's -10. With all that said there are various ways people try to preemptively deal with this. I went ahead and installed access panels in the baggage floorboard so that if ever needed we could get in there and access them. Doing the access panels turned out to be trickier than I thought because I forgot about the side panel covers that go in the baggage area. So the access panels I made are slightly covered up by those but still functional. Also, I drilled the hole bigger where the bolt goes in to hold the step in place. I put an AN4 bolt in there instead of the normal AN3. Bigger is better, right? :)

Two things to note about this section. 1) getting the step in there was a very tight fit. I had to wiggle it and as it went in it shaved off some of the primer, which is fine because you're suppose to re-primer it a bit anyways. 2) drilling out the hole bigger was another reminder that when drilling steel you need to keep the drill speed very slow. I used boelube (I love that stuff), which helped. When I first went at it I wasn’t thinking clearly and had the drill at full blast and it was just getting super hot. I think I dulled the bit pretty good by the time I realized I needed to go slow.

Brandi put a bunch of bubble wrap over the step when I was done. Good thing. This little guy is a silent killer!

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