Hello Kitty cabin top

After taking the cabin top off and on about 20 times and trimming it, I'm glad to say we finally have it fitted on there satisfactorily. What a chore it has been! It was a little confusing how much to trim and where so after looking at pictures of other 10's, reading the plans, and noodling over it for a while we finally just dove in and did it. Even though it wasnt actually that hard to complete, I think it was just hard to get started because we didnt want to mess it up.  We have the back side of the cabin top match drilled to the fuse and the door areas are counter sunk. Its pretty rewarding getting the cabin top on there even before its trimmed. When Brandi and I first set the cabin top on the fuse we could only get it about half way on because it needed more trimming but we climbed in and just sat in the back seat for a good 10 minutes. It was kind of like sitting in a fort as a kid. Not sure if part of it was just because we were kind of exhausted after all the work we had just done :)

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