Windscreen test fit

I had it in my mind that trimming the plexiglass windscreen would be a big deal. It turned out it was pretty easy. Used a diamond wheel in the dremel to make the cut. It worked great. Only had to take it off a couple times to make small tweaks to the fit. The burning smell plexiglass made while cutting was pretty strong so I opened the garage door and let lots of fresh air in. Its best to cut plexi in warmer temperatures anyways so it worked out well since it was about 85 degrees outside. I peeled the plastic protective covering of the plexiglass back just a bit to make the cut and plexiglass 'dust' got stuck all over that. In hindsight, should have just cut 1" of the plastic off all the way around the edges and not peeled it back. Not a big deal. It fits on there great. On to the rear windows now.

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