A social RV Sunday

This past Sunday was a nice beautiful day outside and we took a short 40 minute drive to visit another -10 builder, Bill Thomasson. He was working on his fuel tanks and that brought back all kinds of memories to Brandi and I. We had a really great time visiting and just chattering away and next thing we knew, two hours had flown by! Thanks for having us over, Bill! We're excited to keep in contact and follow the progress.

Once we got home we had a quick lunch and our friend Gary Specketer came by. Gary is an EAA tech councilor and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to airplanes and building. Gary poked and prodded and gave us an enormous amount of good feedback and things to think about. Thank you so much Gary! One of the most critical things to come out of his visit was his inspection of our flares on our fuel and brake lines. There has been some talk on the VAF forums lately about the quality of flares and Brandi and I both knew we needed to get these checked out. We'll be redoing a few at least and still need to inspect the rest.

I've said it before but I cant emphasize enough, the community of builders is truly awesome for so many reasons.

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