Interior in the works

I've been dreaming up this interior for over a year now and it's finally time to get to work on it. I decided that I wanted to make my own instead of us buying one. After all, crafting and sewing is my less expensive hobby and I haven't had time to do much of it since we started working on the plane. So, I found some suppliers and ordered lots of material samples for leather and carpet in different colors. It was pretty obvious that the UltraLeather was the best way to go because it's so light-weight and we didn't want cloth. I was able to find it for $65/yd from a small upholstery shop online. We went back and forth on colors for a while but we knew we wanted two colors that would pop. Our final decision was RavenWing (main color) and Dove Gray (accent color) in the UltraLeather and a basic black carpet. We're breaking the mold here a bit going with a black interior but, that's our style. Honestly, I'm so cold natured, I'd be content sitting on the surface of the sun so it's not going to bother me any.

After we picked colors, I went on a quest for paint brand and finish. I scoured VAF for suggestions on interior paint and rattle cans vs spray gun. We decided on Rustoleum rattle cans in Black Satin finish for a couple of reasons. Mostly because we're not painting the entire interior; Only the few places that won't have carpet or a panel. I felt that it was a budget buster for us to go the spray gun route to only cover some shiny aluminum in a few corners. It may come back to haunt me later but so be it. 

So far, I've got the inside of the cabin cover almost completed and I've started working on some of the interior panels. I'll write up a few posts about these things in the near future but there's a new photo album to browse in the mean time. You can find it here

I plan on doing everything down to designing the seat covers. Wish me luck!

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