Here are some things that we bought. These are things not included in the kit.

Item Cost Purchased from Notes
Duckworks HID lights (2) $440 Duckworks Aviation We went with the 35 watt lights.
Heated pitot/AOA $450 Aircraft Spruce Non-Heated was $250 less but we opted to get heated.
Gretz Mount for pitot $110 Aircraft Spruce  
SafeAir tubing for pitot/aoa/static $110 Cleaveland Aircraft Tool This is an optional upgrade to the aluminum lines. Glad we did it.
50' wiring conduit $15 Van's Aircraft Would avoid corrugated conduit in future if possible (wires snag too easy).
Proseal $60 Van's Aircraft Has a shelf life of a few months so dont buy too early. Can be kept in freezer to prolong.
Andair Fuel Selector $200 Van's Aircraft Most people opt for this optional upgrade.
Bonaco brake lines (at gear legs only) $70 Bonaco Upgraded brake lines that run up gear legs only at this time.
Fuel Transducer (red cube) FT-60 $200 Aircraft Spruce  
Foam insulation $300 Aircraft Spruce Sound dampening from 3/4"-1/4" thick and generally thicker fwd and thins out going aft.
Stick Grips (Tosten) $250 Tosten Manufacturing 2-axis trim + 4 other buttons. Will setup as: com swap, PTT, AP cancel, Dynon feature.
Trim relays for stick grips (2 total) $100 Aircraft Spruce Need relays if you want both sticks to have button functionality.
Molex/Dsub/connectors $50 SteinAir DSubs for dynon skyview network cables that we built, molex for other plugs we used.
Headphone + MIC Jacks (4 pack) $30 Aircraft Spruce  
Epoxy + fiberglass $150 West Marine - Local store We discovered that it's cheaper to buy West Systems epoxy and hardener from Aircraft Spruce.
Electrical components per aeroelectric Z-13 $500 B&C Specialty Products aeroelectricconnection - Bob Nuckolls is the man!
Electrical (Vans basic electrical kit) $300 Van's Aircraft In hindsight would buy wire needed from Stein instead.
Electrical (wire) $125 SteinAir #2 gauge ground and power wire - gets expensive due to the long runs needed in the -10
3rd door latch system $450 Plane Around Help prevent our doors from logging their own separate flight time.
Lord adhesive (instead of weld-on) $175 Krayden Don't forget the caulk gun adapter!
Bob Archer VOR $100 Aircraft Spruce Not as good as whisker annetna but we're going to try them. Should be ok to start us out.
Ignition switch+door locks $150 Aircraft Spruce Used ACS. Could use a push start button but I like the extra deterrent of a keyed igition.
Transponder antenna $18 Aircraft Spruce Nice and cheap
2 comm antennas $100 eBay Saving a buck or two by getting used antennas.
Overhead Console $1,000 Aerosport Products An EXCELLENT upgrade. Especially in GA heat, the overhead air will be well worth it.
Fiberglass Headliner w/out fabric $245 Aerosport Products Makes finishing interior cabin top much easier.
Headliner Fabric (2.5yds) $18 Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft  
Matco Nosewheel $130   Vans has redone their nosewheel recently tho so upgrade might not be needed.
Scat tubing for overhead console $40 Aircraft Spruce There are different temp ratings you can buy. In this case, the cheap stuff is fine.
Aveo eyebeam touch overhead LED light $160 Aircraft Spruce Splurged to get a nice eyeball light to go in the center of our overhead console.
Overhead air vents (4) $350 Aircraft Spruce We went with Aveo vents. Stein air vents are a good option too.
Airgizmo 696 panel dock $165 Aircraft Spruce  
Total $6,561  
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