New Costs $ category

A very important aspect of the build is cost. There isnt a ton of information out there that gets into exact specifics of costs towards an RV-10. Probably for good reasons too. Consider all the obvious things that would have to be said like "prices vary, you can buy used equipment, different products come out, everyone outfits with different accessories, might be able to get package deals, the date of the data becomes outdated so inflation has driven prices up, etc, etc". There are some decent estimates floating around the internet such as the vans cost estimator, however, it has been important for me to know more specifically what and when I need to buy certain things. 

With all that said, I will boldy go where most do not go by creating this new category called 'Costs $'. I hope this will be helpful for future builders to give some things to think about while planning your budget for your plane. In addition to simply stating how much things cost, I will try to outline some time frames of when general things should begin to be purchased. These are opinions so take them for what they're worth. 

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