Wheel Fairings Part 2

All the trimming has been completed for the wheel and gear leg fairings. Overall it was kind of frustrating because I wanted it to be just perfect but its hard to do that in this section (in my opinion). They still have to be finished as far as smoothing the fiberglass but they are at least fitted now. One thing I was surprised about was the nose gear leg fairing needed to be trimmed more on the forward part of it that comes close to the wheel fairing. I was surprised because you cut this part out from a template and I thought it would be spot on but I ended up having to take an additional 1/4" or so off. 

Doesnt look much different than when we got them but believe me all the work is in getting those holes and the nutplates in the exact perfect spot. I spent probably around 50 hours getting the wheel and leg fairings to this point. 

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