A fun break from building

Saturday was suppose to be another of many 8 hour+ build days but we couldn't resist the offer to go fly with our good friends Keith and Dan. Keith has an RV-7 and is care taker of another friends RV-8. So Brandi flew co-pilot in one me in the other and then we swapped on the trip home. We went down to Peachtree City and did some formation flight on the way down. It was AWESOME. I love riding in the 7 and this was my first experience in an 8. The 8 was really great visibility and the performance is awesome too. Its like getting on an elevator the thing will climb so fast! I got to do a little practicing in formation for the second time ever and its still pretty hard to stay in perfect formation. Keith makes it look easy.. hes an awesome pilot. Dan is an excellent pilot too. I'm convinced that he can land a piano falling from the sky and make the wheels just lightly touch down.. the guy can land anything smooth as silk it seems. Needless to say, its great to be around such good pilots because it helps towards our skill building.


The weather was unseasonably warm and Peachtree was buzzing with activity. Much of the Falcon squad was out and about and it was really great to see some of the guys. We got to take a closer look at John Goodman's -10 since he got the interior done. I got a great video of a walk around of his plane. Always helpful to go back and see how other people did certain things. In fact, we are going to borrow an idea we saw on his and Hank's plane, which is an aluminum cover plate for the cowl pins. We went to Aircraft spruce, which is right on the field there and loaded up on a few items, which saved us some shipping costs.

After we flew back to RYY we hung out for awhile and met a really cool guy and his son who are nearly finished building a super cub. The thing has the huge bush tires on it and we all gushed together about how much we loved the show Flying Wild Alaska. Came home late in the day and managed to squeak out 3.5 hours on our build. What a great day.

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