Exhaust system

Brandi and I went out in the shop last night after dinner and I got started on the exhaust and she was going to do her interior/fiberglass stuff. She stared into space for about 15 minutes and I could tell she didnt want to do anything fiberglass related. I cant blame her. I asked if she wouldnt mind helping me take the temporary gaskets off of the exhaust ports of the engine while I prepared the pipes. She seemed to perk right up at the prospect of something NOT fiberglass. Brandi hasnt really had much involvement on engine type stuff yet and it was so funny to watch her meticulously keep all the oil cleaned up and keep herself nice and tidy. She handles herself so well in the shop that it was pretty amusing and unexpected when the girl side of her came out and she goes ewww as a little bit of oil poured out from the gasket and spilled onto the floor. Some oil got in her hair and she was not very happy about that. It was fun working together again since lately we have each had our own list of things to tackle. 

I'm amazed at how easy the exhaust system is coming together so far. I imagined it as a big deal but so far its pretty easy breezy. I shouldnt speak too soon though because perhaps the harder part is setting up the cable and support system where the pipes exit. 

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