Front Interior Panels - The Pocket

Every RV-10 needs some pockets up front so I included them in my front panel design. They're a separate piece of fiberglass that I fabricated to attach to the back of my semi-finished front panel. I'll then cut out a slot from the panel that's the entire width of the pocket and about 1/2 the height of the pocket for access to the pocket area. I'll post more on the attachment when it's complete. It's easier to explain with pictures.

To make the pocket, I used some foam board and some pink foam insulation from Home Depot. I cut the foam board to fit in the front panel area and measured the pocket area out on the foam board.

I then attached pink insulation to the back of the foam board that was a little larger than my pocket area and the depth that I wanted my pocket to be. Because I plan on placing the pocket behind the interior panel, I left about 1/4 inch between the pink foam and the fuse skin.

Next I carved the pocket hole out of the foam board and the pink insulation. I learned from this process that I hate carving and cutting foam. I have too much static electricity and it's just annoying. Next time, it's all clay!

Once the hole was the size that I wanted it, I placed a scrap piece of foam board behind the hole to give me something to lay-up the fiberglass on and then taped it up real good with packaging tape. 

Unfortunately, I didn't photo document the rest of it so you'll have to use your imagination. I placed clay in the sharp corners to curve them out and then layed up fiberglass inside the pocket and around the top exterior about 1 1/2 inches wide. Once dried, I pulled it out and layed up another one for the other side of the plane. Now I have two pockets with a 1 1/2 inch lip waiting to be attached to the panel.

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