Filtered Air Box (FAB)

I have been putting off the FAB for a while now. Its one of those parts of the project that has been intimidating to start on for me. I think my of my hesitation was revolving around the fact that there arent good instructions for it like all the other plans for the -10. I made the alternate air door and then set it down for a while. I finally got started back at it, thanks to some help from my buddy Keith. We mounted the FAB to the throttle body and got everything test fitted with the bottom cowl coming off and on a few times. Had to cut the FAB back about a couple of inches so it would clear the bottom cowl. After that, I riveted the aluminum plate to the top and filled in any gaps with black RTV silicone so it would be more air tight. Next I temporarily secured the foam block to the back of the air scoop on the bottom cowl and bored a hole in it. I was about to lay in the fiber glass into the newly created hole but I didnt have a baloon, which the instructions cleverly suggest as using in order to hold the fiberglass strips in the hole. So its mostly done now and should be finished soon since I bought some happy birthday balloons at the grocery store last night :)

Filtered Air Box -- or -- on board toilet? Hard to tell..

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