Panel powered up!

We powered up the panel for the first time late last night. This was a major milestone and probably one of my most eagerly anticipated moments. I briefed Brandi with a makeshift initial electrical system testing plan that I created on the spot. I've had to learn all the electrical stuff as I went along so maybe there is some official way to conduct this type of test. We dove right in though and gave it a shot.  To make it more interesting , here is the event as described in a dialog between Brandi and I. 

Brian: "Ok, I think we're ready. Heres what I think we should do. First, I'm going to hook the battery up and nothing should happen. Hopefully (chuckles). I'm going to hook the battery up to just the battery bus and we'll see if the overhead lights come on. Then, we'll hook the battery to the battery contactor and turn on the master power switch on the panel for 2 seconds and shut it back off. We'll make sure we dont smell smoke or hear or see anything crazy. If that works then we'll turn master switch on for 10 seconds. Then we'll try to power up the main Dynon Skyview, and finally we'll test the rest of the avionics."

Brandi: "Ok, sounds good. Ready."

Brian: [hooks battery up] "Anything?"

Brandi: "Nope."

Brian: "Ok, good, try the overhead light now."

Brandi: "Its not coming on."

Brian: [checking connections, using multimeter, scratching head] "thats weird - it should be working!"

Brandi: "Is it hooked up right?"

Brian: "Yes its hooked up right! I'll skip the bus and put the power directly to the plug that comes out of the overhead. [discovers the plug was wired up backwards] OOPS! It was wired backwards! This is not the grand start I was hoping for. Ok its fixed - try it now."

Brandi: "It works! Yeah!"

Brian: "Sweet!! Ok, want to try the master switch now?"

Brandi: "Ok, ready now? Here goes for 2 seconds. [both Brian and Brandi sniff around like drug dogs] I dont smell anything - you?"

Brian: "Nope, I think its ok. Try it for longer now. [second try for 10 seconds is uneventful]"

Brandi: "Ok lets power on the Dynon. Here goes. [Dynon screen remains black and we glance at each other kind of uneasy.] There it goes! Its coming on!

Brian: "AWESOME!!

Brandi: "ADHAR failed? Hmm"

Brian: "I wonder why its not seeing it - its plugged in. It should work. [checks connections] Ya it should work I dont get it. [checks cables with multimeter]"

Brandi: "I'm in the setup screen - there is a detect devices option - I'll try that... Its finding everything!

Brian: "Good thinking!"

Brandi: "Thanks. You're the one who is the most awesome though. You're so smart and handsome and talented. I live in perpetual awe at your abilities."

Brian: "Yes, I know."


It was late and we were getting tired so that last part is just a rough estimation of how I recall it. We continued to test a few other things and called it a night. What a joy it was to see the panel powered up. 

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  • Looks AWESOME!  And good story.  LOL.
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