Builder community

This weekend we spent a lot of time socializing with builder friends. A very nice guy named Robert (RV-9 builder) was in Georgia for the weekend for work and had a little spare time so he came by to look at our project. He even helped me attach the rudder cable fairings on the tailcone that I needed to get done. Later that day we went to a get together that our new friend Daniel threw at his house. He invited builders and their spouses for drinks and dinner and just hanging out. Daniel has a very nice clean and organized shop where he is building an RV-7. There were lots of great people there - some we knew and some we met for the first time. It was a great time and we'll hopefully start getting together with everyone more often to help each other build and just hang out in general. Daniel and our friend Bill came by the shop today to check things out and get some perspective on the cabin top, as Bill will soon be tackling this area on his -10 build. We had a great lunch at the Carribean food place just down the road and then we all went back to our respective projects to get back to building. 

Pilots and builders are such great people!

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