Its official!

Our airplane is officially certified to fly the skies now! We used Vic Syracuse as our DAR (FAA representative to do the air worthiness inspection) and he was excellent. Better than excellent. You couldnt pick a better person to look over your build unless it was Van himself! Vic has built 7 or so planes, including two RV-10s. He did a very thorough inspection and pointed out some things we had to fix and some things that were recommendations. We didnt have anything majorly wrong except I had the trim hooked up backwards! That was an easy fix but OOPS! I feel shame. The elevator trim should go the opposite direction of the elevator. For example, nose up trim should deflect the trim tab down. What a nasty one to have to have found out in flight, whew. What a relief to have that part out of the way. Now we look forward to first flight. Our good friend Pierre who is an Agricultural pilot (crop duster) and also owns a 10 offered to do our first flight. Since I'm a low time pilot it is wise for me to take him up on that offer despite the fact that I miss the symbolic first flight in a sense. I will still get my own first flight and I know its going to be amazing!

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