Oshkosh bound!

Operation Oshkosh is a go! Brandi and I attended our very first Osh ever last year. We had a BLAST! This year is going to be probably 5x better I think. Not only are we going to fly our own plane there, which is a dream goal come true, but there are so many great Vans oriented events and people that we have met or made acquaintance with that we are looking forward to seeing. We're going to be camping near our plane in STYLE this time. Last year we had a 2 person tent that was cramped to say the least. We slept on little blow up floats for a pool (and they never held air for long). This time Brandi found a super great bargain on a bigger tent and we have a real air mattress we can actually bring. Last year when we flew commercial and had to schlep our gear all around on our backs, lots of ammenities was just not an option. Now, we can carry the kitchen sink! With Brandi and I and full fuel, we can carry 475 lbs of junk in that trunk. Nice! I love the -10!

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  • I'm glad to see that you will be coming to OSH this year!  I will be there too and can't wait to see your bird and meet you in person (hopefully).  I can't believe you guys built that thing so quickly.  Meanwhile, I'm lumbering along on our 10.  Of course my wife and I had a baby in there too, so I'm doing the best I can.  Aneta came with me to OSH last year (when you guys were there).  She was about 5 months pregnant, walking around in the Wisconsin heat.  This year, she will be staying at home to care for our daughter, but I'll be there to represent.  I look forward to flying the whole fam in the 10 though...  when it's finished.

    Mike Rettig (ppilotmike on VAF)
    Give me a ring to meet up at OSH - my cell is (720) 933-3452
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