EAA 690 & Orlando departure

I had a work conference at Disney World in Orlando (poor me) a week ago and so Brandi and I jumped in the adventure machine and scooted on down there. Before we went, we stopped at EAA 690 pancake + RV event at LZU. We enjoyed some very nice presentations by fellow RV owners and builders. There were lots of great people to hang out with and lots of awesome RVs to look at. 

One unexpected treat was that a professional aviation photographer (Aerographs) happened to be there and snapped a few shots of our bird. How cool! Loved the way they turned out.


We left LZU and joined several RV buddies for lunch over at Winder (WDR). The food was yummy and the company was great. We even got to see the only RV-1 currently flying!

Look at these crazy sky divers dropping down in front of the gas pump! We had a great view and a cautious-nervous time watching them to make sure they didnt fall on a moving prop! They seemed to know what they were doing. Looked fun but I'll stick to keeping my takeoff count equal to my landing count thank you very much :)

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