Around the country

The day finally arrived when we eagerly set out for our adventure around the country! With kid sister Hannah and our sweet baby Lucy in tow, it was sure to be a great time. We prepped our travel machine ready to accommodate 3 adults, 1 baby, and a crap load of gear. Here we go!


How about a rest stop in Missouri for picking flowers and touring caverns? Yes please.

Beautiful Midwest prairies en route to Nebraska.

Interesting discoveries along the way. Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. 


Fuel up in beautiful Wyoming and enjoy some lunch in a charming small town in Hot Springs County.

No trip North West would be complete without an obligatory stop in Yellowstone. The mountains are breathtaking as we navigated through.

Emergency procedures on the Yellowstone regional airport tarmac.

Hot springs are neat!

Lucy is having a blast so far.

We stopped in St. Maries Idaho to wait out a storm, which subsequently hit that city and knocked out power while we were trying to enjoy dinner. It passed soon enough and on to Spokane Washington we went!

Spokane had a couple really nice parks to enjoy. One of which had a monster slide that Brandi wouldn’t let me take Lucy down :)

Off to the mother ship, Vans Aircraft in Aurora Oregon. It’s our plane's first homecoming.

Hannah has been co-pilot in training and is doing a great job. 


Next stop is down through California to Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately there was this nice little storm system directly over the area but we made up for it with a great little RV lunch fly-in with our new buddy Mike.

Pro tip: don’t park near helicopters near the fuel pumps. This is the small one of two helicopters that were there!

Yay, my two awesome sisters or should I say two awesome Aunts. 

Portrait time.

Lucy and her little cousin Levi get along just great. 

Granny loves her great grand babies!


Lucy is peaking over the giant beach towel that enveloped her after her second swim ever.

On the way home the lights of Huntsville light up the clouds in a spectacular way.

Back home 10 days and around 5,000 miles later. Whew! What an awesome trip. It’s good to be home. 4 more days until Oshkosh.... here we go again :)

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