Flew West again

Brandi, Lucy, and I piled into the -10 for yet another trip out West. What should have been an 8 or so hour flight turned into a much more full day of flying since we had to dodge some weather in TX, not to mention the 60kt headwind on the second half of the trip!

I have found that pictures of clouds and scenery never do any justice to the actual experience - never the less we flew past some spectacular views so I will put the picture on here anyways with the caveat that it was breathtaking and that must be taken on faith or experience. 

Lucy got some good flight practice in on the way up. She normally is stuck in the back with Brandi but I sometimes get Brandi to pass her up front so I can play with her for a few minutes. 

We visited my Granny in Show Low, AZ. Brandi and I flew to Phoenix one night to catch an NHL game (Coyotes vs Avs). Mark one more NHL arena off the list and many left to go. We also went to the Petrified Forest National Park while we were there. It was awesome! It was a little windy while we were there so all the photos of Brandi looked about like this: 

We then flew down to Guaymas Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of my family. Lu played in the sand at the beach for the first time and enjoyed it very much. I got lessons on how to kite surf and pulled myself through the water with no board for my first session. It was a blast!

The whole family piled onto my Grandpa's boat and we fished and had a great time. I caught a ~12lb yellow tail and others caught yellow tail too. We ate some of it on the boat and brought some home with us for later. Yum!

The trip back home was scenic through central and North Eastern Mexico. Its pretty uninhabited but there were some neat little towns we flew over where there were rivers and farm land. 

Another wonderful adventure in the family adventure machine with many more hopefully to come. 


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