Solar Eclipse

We were extremely excited to see the total solar eclipse so we flew to Cleveland, TN airport KRZR. We got there early in the morning because we thought the airport would be swamped, but it turned out to be a decent size crowd but not over crowded. Lucy made best friends with a little girl that just so happened to have the exact same shirt as her. Two aviation friends of ours ended up coming to RZR to watch the eclipse, plus we by chance ran into Don Smith, who was the one who painted our plane. Joseph Chambers and his family came out in their 182, and Bill Tomasson and his son flew their -10 out. 

The eclipse was breathtakingly beautiful, awe inspiring, and more. It was a great family adventure and left us with great memories. We plan on flying out to TX or somewhere for the next total eclipse in 7 years or so. 

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