Washing planes and strafing trains

With the Annual inspection behind us for the year, it was a great time and perfect weather to wash the airplane. I gathered up some wash supplies, snacks, drinks, and little Lucy along with some rollerblades she just got as a gift. We flew over to LZU, which was a pleasant 10-minute flight away, in order to use their wash station. We enjoyed a sunny 75 degrees with a slight breeze and nothing else going on the entire day. It was a perfect day for aviation. Lucy helped me wash for about the first 20 minutes, which is about as long as I thought a 5-year-old would last. I strapped roller blades on her and she had fun skating around the area for a while.

After finishing up washing, the plan was to grab some lunch at the restaurant on the field. We taxied over, but sadly, it was closed! That's ok, we set off for Covington Municipal, KCVC, because they were known for good fuel prices and we could deal with lunch a bit later. As we approached Covington, I overflew the field to enter the downwind. I noticed Xs on the runway! Oh no, the runway was closed. I obviously didn't check the NOTAMs. This was just an easy-going Sunday VFR day, so no worries, we turned 180 and headed to Winder, since they had a restaurant on the field that was pretty good.

On our way to Winder Lucy spotted a train. She said it was going fast and I said "Oh ya, watch this" and we swooped down and overflew the train and got a great view of it as I tipped my wing towards it so Lucy could see it really well. It was a thrill for us both. Then we climbed up high and did some oscillations to do some fun zero-G. Lucy loves that. 

Lucy and I continued on and landed at Winder to discover the restaurant had been closed for quite some time! How long had it been since I've been there last.. a couple years maybe? Bummer! Oh well, this was easy flying VFR Sunday, so we just strolled on home and got a sandwich from Jimmy John's on the way home. It was a great day for aviation, despite our plans not going exactly as intended.

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