Florida Beach House

A bunch of our RV-10 friends all met up at a nice big beach house in Stuart, FL, which is near West Palm Beach. What a great time to go to Florida to escape the freezing cold in February.  We hung out for 7 days enjoying great weather, food, and each others company. I was surprised that it was warm enough for us to swim in the ocean even. The beach house was a huge 3 story place with lots of beach toys and access to the Atlantic side beach, and a lagoon area on the opposite side for a more mellow waterfront experience. We spent nearly every day enjoying both with things like boogie boards, sandcastles, kites, kayaks, swimming, and more! The kids all slept in the kid's room, which had several bunk beds. They stayed up way too late, played hard in the sun and water, then did it all over again! They were loving it!

We have an old friend from high school who works at ULA and she got us on base up close for the Solar Orbiter rocket launch. It was a great experience and really cool hearing the behind the scenes scoop on some of the day to day at ULA.

We went down to Miami for a day to check out the big boat show going on. Brandi, Colleen, Lucy, EJ, and Dash enjoyed the Miami Science Museum while the rest of us roamed around the docks of the harbor and ogled the 40-65' catamarans. 

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