Burgers and Cub Flying

This past weekend was an awesome day for aviation. I went to the airport to tinker and my hangar mates were there doing the same. I had recently replaced the door strut brackets and it left a little gap between the overhead air console and so I filled that with some black RTV. I'm happy with how it turned out. We decided to get a $100 burger and flew to Rome (KRMG) and to my surprise, there was an awesome restaurant not far from the airport, called Sam's, that was aviation-inspired. They had Covid appropriate outdoor seating all spread out. We had really great hamburgers that were from cattle right out of Calhoun. It was fresh and delicious! I had no idea this place even existed!? How did I not know about this? Definitely need to go back again sometime. 

Rome had a cool F-14 aircraft that we got a good view of as we drove by. 

When we got back Amir offered me a ride in his Super Cub and I was thrilled! I have always wanted to fly in a cub and this was my first time. We took off out of the grass next to the runway and off we went to buzz fields and see the area from 10 to 100 feet off the ground. It was SO COOL. Much different than the adventure machine and cross country travel that I'm accustomed to. Great, now there are 3 airplanes I need to talk Brandi into. Need an aerobatic, a cross country traveling, and a bush plane. 

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