Fullerton Memorial Day

About 10 years ago I met a guy named Mark at a fly-in at Moontown, AL. He was quite a character and was flying a rocket that he called an RV killer (because it was so fast). He was energetic and interesting and memorable. Fast forward to present times and now that we are based at Calhoun airport (KCZL) it turns out he was from that area and well-liked and respected. He passed away not too long ago and each year since they have had a special day to celebrate his memory. It's a small community and interesting that I had previously met him.

So Lucy, Brandi, and I headed out and enjoyed great weather, food, and friends at the airport. They had a STOL competition, which was entertaining and the first time I've seen one in person. There was a fire truck on site that the kids got to crawl around on and ask a bunch of questions about too. Lucy has a little friend her age that we see sometimes and they played the whole time and had fun. It was a good day for aviation. 

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