Rhodes Fly-in 2020

We haven't been able to do much flying in 2020 for obvious reasons and so it was really great that everything worked out well for us to make it over to Taylorsville, GA to our old friend Jeff Rhodes and the fly-in their family does each year at their grass strip. It was a gorgeous sky to skip around in and a well-maintained grass strip for us to land on. There is a little bit of a hill 1/3rd of the way down and we pulled about 2.3G on it so naturally the avionics annunciate "G's" aurally and Brandi started laughing asking if I made the avionics do that. I gave her a funny look and realized she thought the avionics were like 'geez, tough landing' and then I laughed and told her G's as in GeForce. :D

We enjoyed Chili and desserts and the perfect weather. There was a pumpkin drop contest and they had two 172's orbiting trying to see who would get closest to hitting a cone. One pumpkin landed about 6 feet away, which was pretty impressive! We wrapped it up and headed home. Another wholesome adventure with Bubbles. 

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