Ohio friends visit

This year hasn't been so great for traveling for obvious reasons [Covid]. However, we decided to visit our friends in Ohio, who have done their best as we have with social distancing. We decided to spend a weekend at their house and the advantage of flying into a small airport and having them pick us up is we didn't have to interact with anyone else for the entire trip. We grabbed a giant jug of Williamson Brothers BBQ sauce (our friends love it, rightfully so), hopped in the plane, and off we went! Sadly, Brandi had to stay behind last minute because she wasn't feeling well. 

Lucy climbed up front and we had a nice easy 2.3 hour flight all the way there with some brief 'up downs' en route to keep it fun. 

 We played board games, grilled brisket and put that sauce to good use, and just generally hung out and enjoyed each other's company. We went for a hike, which ended with rain as we scrambled to get back to the car without getting too soaked. We anticipated some rain, so we were somewhat appropriately dressed. Lucy borrowed a rain jacket from little Max and was an honorary firefighter. 

Lucy and Max played so well together and had a great time. They are both somewhat starved of playtime with other little kids, so they really soaked it up. They were so energized the first night we couldn't get them to sleep until very late despite a good bedtime routine with lots of stories. 


Sunday afternoon we headed back for home and fought 30 gusting to 40 winds at the airport! Once in the air, it was no problem, but on the ground, it was a little exciting! I had my friend, Ben, hold the brakes while I got fuel and did the pre-flight and etc. Then he hopped out and taxing was no problem. Definitely been in windier situations out in Cut Bank Montana on our way to Canada, so this wasn't too bad in comparison. Lucy slept the whole way home since she was sleep-deprived and we had a nice easy VFR journey home. 

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