Hartzell Propeller Overhaul

We have reached the time to overhaul the prop and so I took it off this past Saturday and a prop shop came and picked it up from our house with a neat rig in the back of a pickup truck. Getting the prop off was straightforward forward and my hangar mate Amir was nice enough to lend a hand. Prop overhaul isn't cheap and I think it will end up costing around $2800. It will be nice to have it serviced and know that it's in great shape for another 1,000 hours though. 

Our friend Troy gave a heads up that the front spinner plate will likely need tweaking after the overhaul since the prop hub will be clocked slightly differently. I spoke with the prop guy and he remarked how he didn't like how Van's plates aren't adjustable and that aircraft like Mooneys simply have elongated bolt holes to allow for adjustments. So I may try to elongate the holes - more to come on that, although worst-case scenario I could just move the nutplates or get a new front plate and do it over since it's a simple piece. It's the S-603 plate that is in question. 


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