USB charge ports & rudder trim

Today Lucy and I spent some time at the airport in beautiful nearly 60 degree December weather. She brought her rollerblades and skated around while I chased her a bit and in between playing we had a picnic lunch and I got some new goodies installed into the RV-10. Lucy and I took a short walk over to the FBO and she got a treat of gummies snacks from the vending machine. I've had this USB charge port module for 8 years and never really settled on where to install it at. I finally decided to fabricate a little panel on the side of the throttle quadrant and I like how it turned out, thanks to Brandi's nice job at wrapping it with black vinyl it looks great! Since getting my IFR rating and flying with the iPad it will be a great use to have charging capabilities now. 

I also replaced our Aerosport rudder trim today with a newer model that is entirely 3d printed, which makes it much lighter and simpler. I was impressed to find out they took the older style of 26 parts down to only 3 parts in this new one. I was having some trouble with the older one slipping. The added bonus for me was it's all black, which blends into our panel much better! I love Aerosport!

I ended the day by helping my hangar mate organize a pile of loose random screws and hardware he had. We got everything put away nice and neat into container organizers. Lucy and I headed home and enjoyed braised short ribs that I had cooking in a Dutch oven for 6 hours. I chowed down after working up quite the appetite during the day! Wonderful airport day, despite being down for prop maintenance. 

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