Sun-N-Fun 2021

We made it down to Sun-N-Fun this year, which was a much-needed adventure! We left out Wednesday mid-day and met up with our friends at KORL. We wanted to fly in with them and camp next to them, so going as a flight of 2 was our best bet. They are fellow RV-10 owners and also have kids that are Lucy's age and we really enjoy hanging out with each other.

Arrival was easy and we had nice weather while setting up our tents. The poor deprived of playtime children soaked up all the companionship and loved every moment of it! The adults loved it just as much :) We were so excited to see our friends Lenny and Anda, Sean, Keith and David, Trapper, and others! 

The night airshow was very cool and the drone formations were done very well! During the show, we surprised our friend Karrie with her favorite cake that her husband tipped us off to. Brandi baked a chocolate cherry cake and we flew it down with us to evade her detection and she was totally surprised! 

We watched our hangar mate and good friend, Amir, during the STOL competition. There was a golf cart driving around with corn, but they were sold out. They made a special trip to go get more because who can resist 6-year-old girl pouty eyes?? :) 

On the flight home, we decided to stop off at Peachstate Aerodrome and grab some lunch and cheap fuel. It was the first time we have flown there and it was really awesome! Definitely will go back.

On the last leg home, we were down low and it was a little bumpy so of course Lucy conked right out. She had a lot of sun and a lot of fun, and we were all tuckered out from it!

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