Friends, BBQ, and paint jobs

We went on a '$100 hamburger' outing with several friends to Gadsden, AL (KGAD). The destination was Pruett's BBQ, which is a restaurant Brandi used to work at in her younger years and so it was nostalgic for her to enjoy again. One of the first flights we took in our newly flying RV-10 back in 2012 was out to KGAD and it has been about 9 years since we've been back. Our old buddies Keith and Dan each flew their contraptions and brought their lovely wives, Glynnis and Janell. Our friend Kyle flew his RV-6 while Keith and Dan were in an RV-10 and Bonanza V35B. 

At KGAD we met up with a really awesome guy, Jonathan, who runs Plane Schemer and Evoke Aviation and we even got a tour of his very impressive setup! It was so awesome to see several airplanes in various stages of the painting process and it reminded me of when ours was getting painted. We also got to check out the adjacent space, where there were all kinds of super neat jets that we drooled over. I was so impressed with the quality and complexity of the paint jobs that they are doing over there and I highly recommend checking them out if you need paint! The price of a perfect paint job will raise your eyebrows, to say the least, but the transformation from ugly duckling to drop-dead gorgeous is absolutely stunning. 

After the tour, we hopped in courtesy cars and off we went for a quick 10-minute ride over to the restaurant. Man, was it nice to get back to normal with hanging out with friends! I got a big old glass of unsweet tea, mixed bbq, green beans, turnip greens, pinto beans, and cornbread! Yum! I was hungry and that hit the spot. Everyone seemed to enjoy their lunch almost as much as I did :) 

I would like to start planning regular outings and seeing if we can tour other interesting places in the South East. We headed back home with smooth conditions all the way back. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday.  

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