Arizona 2021

Lucy got out of school for the year so off we went! Of course, since I have my IFR rating we yet again had nearly perfect weather across the entire nation. You're welcome USA for all the extra nice flying days. :) We did manage to find a tiny bit of clouds, but it was nothing like the cloud coverage that always seemed to sweep through the country when we were doing our VFR planning in years past. We took an overnight stop in Addison TX and ATC caught me off guard a bit when they queued me up for the STAR arrival. Fortunately, I was cleared direct to the final fix, but it reminded me I need to familiarize myself with the STARs. We landed at KADS and taxied over to Million Air FBO, which was a really nice place, and we got a crew car and drove to a nearby spot for lunch. Later that night we enjoyed indoor go-karts since Lucy had recently done a really cool track discovery day at the Atlanta Motor Park. We hit the sack at a Hyatt that was close by the airport and got some rest after a long day of travel. 

We got up early and trekked across TX and got a great shot of the scenery along our route.

We happily arrived in Tucson after an uneventful flight with a surprising lack of headwinds and we wasted no time swimming in everyone's pools and enjoying great meals and company with the family.

We enjoyed the Tucson Zoo, went camping at Parker Canyon Lake, bowling, Top Golf, drove the 4 wheeler, dance-offs, and other activities.

We even put up the strongest Mahjong and Backgammon games that the Arizona desert has ever experienced :)

Lucy learned how to whistle in order to earn a prize and we've had a little songbird ever since.

It was time to leave the Sonoran Desert behind after a wonderful visit. Before we headed home we were destined for Idaho to catch up with my Grandparents. 

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