Challis, Idaho

We flew up to Challis, Idaho (KLLJ) to meet up with my Grandparents, who had driven their RV up. With our new oxygen bottle hooked up and ready to go we departed Ryan field and blasted up to 14k feet to take advantage of some tailwinds and fuel efficiency. This was the first time we have used O2 in a really long time. I had recently bought an Aerox system and we put it to good use. We wanted to have plenty of altitude later in the flight to clear the high peaks of the rocky mountains. We burned around 8.5 GPH at 160 kts TAS and were making such good time that we decided we had enough fuel to forego our planned fuel stop and we ended up direct to Challis non-stop in 5 hours and about 15 minutes. We flew directly over the Grand Canyon, the Great Salt Lake, and into the Saw Tooth mountain range of Idaho. It was spectacular contrast of terrain over the course of the flight. Once in Idaho we did some fishing, games like Rummy cube, and just general relaxation and visiting with the grandparents and my Uncle Rick, whom I hadn't seen since I was probably 5 years old! Lucy was super into fishing so we did that every day we were there and I even caught a rainbow trout while fly fishing! Lucy named it Larky and then we let it go :)  She befriended two little girls who were at the campsite and everyone had a really great time.

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