Wisconsin Wedding Trip

Our longtime aviation friends, Tim and Andrea Olson, had a big day as their daughter, Colleen, was getting married. We flew up for the wedding and had a magical time with friends. The wedding was beautiful and at an amazing venue. We enjoyed the evening and were so happy for the Olson family. The next day we enjoyed an amazing breakfast and spending time with our friends at Tim's house and we just played in the yard with various toys like the one wheels, nine-bot go-kart, swimming, and just generally hanging out. Time blew by so quickly and Sunday morning it was time to depart, although I had planned an excursion to House On The Rock, which we visited on our way home. We flew into Mineral Point airport in central Wisconsin and then had a quick drive over to the bizarre and interesting property. I really love that place! We flew home and were back in time for a late dinner. Another epic trip thanks to Bubbles our adventure machine!

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