Mammoth Cave

Our long time friends Ben and Mari, and their son, Max, all met up in Kentucky to camp out and visit the Mammoth Cave system. Poor Brandi wasnt feeling well and decided to stay behind, so Lucy and I went together for the weekend excursion. We flew up Friday after school and had planned on a Sunday evening return, but spicy weather delayed us to the wee hours of Monday morning, but more on that in a moment. 

We launched for KGLW, Glasgow Municipal. My little front seat co-pilot in training helped with a couple radio calls, in flight snacks, and other duties as assigned. We stopped just short of KGLW at KTZV to wait out some weather to pass through and met some really nice folks and got some snacks. Upon arriving in Glasgow we were picked up by my friend Ben, who had driven his RV camper down from Ohio and we went to an awesome little 'glamping' site just East of the Mammoth Cave National Park area.  


Lucy had a blast just running around the large campground site playing with Max and we did all the normal camping stuff like camp fires, good food, exaggerated stories, games, etc :) The site we went to, "Barren River Magic" was a really cool site with lots of rustic and charming outdoor glamp sites. We played on the onewheel skateboard, rode bikes around the area, and Ben impulse bought a little electric mini motorcycle for the kids to romp around on. 

Sunday morning we drove over to the cave after another awesome breakfast of eggs and bacon. We descended down around 200 steps into the cave system and had a great experience that was awe-inspiring and educational. After a quick cup of delicious ice cream it was time to pack it up and say good bye. We departed for home with some pretty intense wx to grapple with. We made it as far as we could, which was to KRNC, Warren County TN, where we called it quits and bowed to mother nature's storm system. Lucy and I found a really cozy pilots lounge, watched cartoons, ordered pizza, and crashed until around 4am. I filed IFR for home, dodged a bit more weather, and got back safe and sound and very content. 

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