Sun N Fun 2022

We departed the Uncle John's fly-in and went directly down to Orlando area to spend a couple days with our Friends Tim and Karrie and their kids. Might as well put this tent to good use since we were all packed up we could keep the spring break adventure going! 

Before heading into SnF we stopped off at KLEE and met up with Tim's friend, John, who was a really cool guy that does air rescue helicopter flying and had a tricked out Mooney. The kids got a tour. We also saw a really nice Rutan Berkut.


The approach to SnF was dead quiet and we began to get nervous since we turned downwind and still never heard from a controller. Finally they cleared us behind some other traffic and so our 2 ship RV-10 formation queued up for landing.


It wasn't crowded when we got there - I think the bad weather to the north was keeping a lot of people away until later in the week. We enjoyed the science center, which had educational things for the kids, including a giant sphere they projected onto and could be used to teach about different planets, earth and its weather, or whatever else. Very neat! I flew around in a Mooney simulator, recently inspired by John's Mooney :)

The kids ran around and had fun being kids, which is among the best part of the whole trip.


On Thursday when we decided to head out there was some bad storms coming through. We attempted to do an IFR departure, however after idling for 10 minutes listening to the atis and etc it became clear they wanted folks to do VFR and so we went for it and raced the storm to the East and then shot through north just barely before it came through. We landed for fuel, picked up our IFR clearance back home to KCZL and enjoyed a nice flight home. 

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