Collegedale Fly-In plus RV builder meet up

This weekend was perfect weather for flying and we squeezed in two fun outings. We departed for Collegedale (KFGU), just outside of Chattanooga, TN, and somehow Lucy talked Brandi out of the co-pilot seat for this leg of the trip. It was a surprisingly short hop at about 14 minutes. We have some friends there, Will, Keri, and their daughter Margaret, who Lucy met a few years ago for the big solar eclipse when we flew into Cleveland, TN. We had never been to this airport before and it was a neat municipal/airpark combination with gorgeous hangar homes on one side. The host of the fly-in had a really awesome staircase and had an old Delta jet Galley for a bar area. Neat idea! We chatted with interesting people, had a nice lunch, and then off we went for our next adventure down to Lawrenceville, GA (KLZU) to meetup with RV friends.

Brandi regained the co-pilot seat on the leg to KLZU. The poor control tower lady was so overwhelmed with busy traffic coming into KLZU and even Brandi got rattled and I had to take over, since she was doing the flying and radio work mostly on this leg. We ate and talked airplanes at the restaurant on field and then I flew one of the RV-10 builders, Mark and his son, around for a Lake Lanier tour. Lucy was super bored since there were no kids to play with so it was time to pack it up and head home. Lucy wiggled her way into the co-pilot seat again and this time she flew us the entire way home (on instruments since she couldnt see over the dash). She did a really great job and even worked the radio calls! The guy running the FBO at Calhoun (KCZL) commented when we landed about how young pilots sound these days and that she did a nice job. It was a fun family flying day with everyone getting equal parts stick time, which was a first lol. 

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