Lunch Run

My buddy Justin messaged me Thursday afternoon asking if I wanted to go flying the next morning. Sure I did! I have had the itch to fly for a couple weeks now, so off we went with the addition of Jason, a friend of Justin's. We flew around the West side of Atlanta on a meandering path to GA2 (Peachstate Aerodrome) and I executed a flawless landing, which is always nice. We enjoyed an early lunch after killing some time waiting for it to open at 11am. I had a jalapeno burger, which was great!

We took off out of there and this time went around the East side of Atlanta and enjoyed spotting many inbound jets for Hartsfield International. We flew right over Stone Mountain, which I havent done in a while so it was nice checking in on that. We saw some recent tornado damage to houses and trees in the area south of Stone Mountain and it always surprises me how random the damage area is with touch downs. 

Another great landing back home at Calhoun wrapped up our day and everyone went back to the normal terrestrial grind. Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning. 


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