Triple Tree - Uncle John's Fly-In

We love Triple Tree Aerodrome and Uncle John's Fly-In became our favorite event there due to the lessor crowds. We enjoyed some nice 30kt tailwinds to whisk us into the area Friday afternoon. We landed and parked in the beautiful wooded area and setup our tent and then headed to the main hangar area to hang out. Dale Ellis was the story teller of the evening and was recounting his hijacking episode in Arizona and subsequently into Mexico. We had the good fortune of being near him at SunNFun last year and he told us his story then. Lucy was restless, so we just enjoyed some peaceful and scenic time on the patio out back overlooking the lake. 


Saturday morning started slow as it was overcast and a bit nippy. Many pilots had shied away from coming it seems due to the weather and I spent the morning reading a book while Lucy and Brandi chit chatted and did some crafting in the tent. Once the sun came out Lucy ran around with the kid pack as usually forms at these events. They had so much fun! They did a scavenger hunt, played in the creek, kickball, volleyball, and other whimsical games of chase. 



We had planned to leave out Sunday morning, but due to looming weather and not wanting to try to pack up the tent all wet we decided to enjoy a nice steak dinner and then head home at sunset that Saturday night. The steaks were amazing and perfectly cooked (if I do say so myself, since they let you choose a steak then you grill it yourself). We had coleslaw, sweet potato, rolls, and dessert to go along with it. Full and content we hopped in and took off. We did a high speed low pass to say goodbye to all and then we headed home for a peaceful night flight. Wore out from all the fun, Lucy fell asleep on the way home. I stayed awake and lived to write this tale of our great camping trip :) 

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