International Falls - Summer Camp

Lucy is attending summer camp way up in North Minnesota in a camp called Ogichi Daa Kwe. She's attending along with her friend London so London's dad, Tim, flew their RV-10 up to our place from Florida and we airplane pooled with Bubbles up to Minnesota. It was a pretty typical flight - we fuel stopped at Touch and Go airport in Monroe county IL (KEFT) and got well price fuel ($4.75/gal). We stretched our legs and ate a quick snack and then we blasted off from there and decided to file in the air to help get through a little bit of weather between us. Once we landed at International Falls, a shuttle took us and the girls to camp where we checked them in. Tim and I explored the area a bit before we said our farewells and left the girls to 10 days of epic fun. 

We launched towards home around 6pm knowing we likely wouldnt make the 5 hour flight plus car ride home that night and ended up stopping in Bowling Green, KBWG, at a nice FBO that had a pilots snooze lounge. Tim and I got in late around 11pm and got some rest and then continued on the next morning for home. I got some good IFR practice in as we needed it to get back into Calhoun. I forgot to clear the hold out of the GPS so when it started turning away I ended up canceling autopilot and hand flying the approach in because I was a little rusty on working the Avidyne GPS. Tim and I landed at Calhoun then flew his airplane, Sky Scraper, down to KRYY where my car was waiting for me. He continued home to FL and I drove back home. Taxi mission was a success! It was interesting because many of the girls attending the camp had flown to I think Minneapolis from all around the country only to then get on a 5 hour bus ride into International Falls, so it definitely wasnt too shabby for the girls to get delivered directly there. 


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