International Falls - Round 2

Lucy's 10 day camp was finished, so her vacation, as well as Brandi and mine, had come to an end. I headed back up North to go pick her up and stopped in Menomonie, WI (KLUM) and crashed the night with my friends Andrea and Tim Olson! Thanks guys! Brandi was supposed to go but wasnt feeling very well so she stayed behind. :( 

Shout out to Touch And Go Aviation at Monroe, WI (KEFT) who had great fuel prices and which we stopped at 4 times in 10 days for around 175 gallons of fuel. It was really great visiting with friends and it gave me an early jump start for the next morning to fly Lucy and her friend London back home. We had a nice enjoyable flight, although the last hour or so we had to dodge a bunch of pop up storm cells. Everyone was wiped out from a long day by the time we landed. I got a nice instrument approach in on the RNAV 17 into Calhoun and I sure am glad I got my IFR ticket! 

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