RV-10 owner visit

This weekend we visited Pierre, who is an RV-10 owner here in Georgia. We rented a Cessna and flew out to visit. We had such a good time on the flight out there, but the real fun began when he gave us a ride in his -10! I'm grinning again right now just thinking about it. What a machine! Riding in one again just re-confirms we are building the right plane. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality, Pierre!

While we were out, we visited Ray Lawerence, who was only a quick hop away from Pierre. We checked out his shop and chatted with him and asked a million newbie questions. It was a great learning experience. Ray does all kinds of work on RVs. He also does insurance and is a distributor for several avionics manufacturers. There's not much this guy doesn't do that's RV related. Thanks for letting us visit, Ray!

We left East Georgia and flew into PDK (Peachtree Dekalb), which was about as busy as an airport as I've ever had to fly into. I was nervous because the radio chatter was going a million miles an hour since there was so much going on. We did fine though and got parked and got our buddy Gavin to pick us up since we were attending a bday party for his 2 yr old son. Gavin and Jane live only a few miles from the airport so it was convenient. The bday party was fun and it was kind of neat watching 5 2-4 year olds run around stuffing cake in their face and just being kids. We left PDK for a very enjoyable quick night flight home. There was a gorgeous sunset and we were very close to the Atlanta cityscape so the lights on all the buildings made a wonderful foreground to the sunset.

Unfortunately, something happened with the memory card in our camera and we lost all the pictures from the last week. Bummer. I guess we'll just have to do it all over again! Yay!

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